"Analog synthpop with 80s sound"

This is how Joachim describes the sound of Sick & Busy, synthpop produced and recorded with traditional analog synths and gear.
“I’ve had, for a long time, a strong desire for making music as i did in the 80s, totally free from soft synths, just hardware synths and outboards.
Just to be clear, i have nothing against soft synth plugins, but for me personally i wanted to limit myself to make music as i was once used to, back in the 80s.”

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Joachim Schröter - Sick & Busy

Single release on Friday the 21st of May 2021 !

Sick & Busy is set to release the debut single on Friday the 21st of May 2021.
“We Wish We Were Famous” is all about the 80s and analog synthpop pure!
The debut single is likely to be followed by a second single from the forthcoming EP.

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