The sick story of Sick & Busy - how to shake the disease.

Shake the disease is one of Depeche Mode´s biggest hits.
A disease was also the eyeopener for Joachim, the one who is pulling the springs behind the project, to take the final steps into releasing his debut single “We Wish We Were Famous”.

The person hiding behind the name Sick and Busy is Joachim Schröter.
A Swedish-born musician with german roots who started writing synth pop in the early 80’s in the small town of Skövde.

His biggest sources of inspiration has been bands like Alphaville, Depeche Mode, Yazoo, Boytronic, and Camouflage.
Joachim has always been involved in a wide range of musical projects.
In collaboration with other musicians or completely on his own.
From producing to songwriting.
And the common denominator has always been synthmusic in some form.
Joachim started to write songs for the project in November 2020.
And there was a particular reason behind, not just to write but also why he picked the name.

Joachim was sick with Covid-19 and had a strong need to focus on producing music rather than the news and the sickness itself, so he made himself busy with writing music, hence the name Sick and Busy.
And the song title, shake the disease, also found its natural way into this biography .

His desire for making music as he did in the 80’s with analog synthesizers has now been fulfilled.
Joachim describes his music as analog synthpop with 80s sound.

His debut single will officially be released on all major streaming platforms in May 2021.
The debut single is likely to be followed by a second single from the forthcoming EP.

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